Episode 75: The Parallels Between Money Stories and Food Struggles with Financial Planner + Former Client Meghan Dwyer

Why We Love Meghan:

Meghan Dwyer enjoys dissecting our relationships with money to uncover the roles they play in our lives. Our money stories are formed at a very early age and often go unrecognized throughout our everyday lives. Meghan believes that once we dive into our money stories, we gain a true understanding of what drives our thoughts and behaviors. Only then can we move past the societal constructs that hold us back and begin to rewrite our money stories so we can live the lives we desire.

Meghan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®. She lives in Milton, MA with her husband, her 2 young boys and her goldendoodle, Teddy. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • What led Meghan to investigating money stories and the importance of facing them
  • What it looks like to begin healing our money stories and the first steps to take
  • Conditioning around money that can hold women back later in life
  • The parallels in our relationships with money and food and underlying core beliefs
  • The first steps to take in dissecting and healing your money stories
  • Why women need to talk more about money, especially when it comes to salaries
  • What led Megan to join our coaching program, and how she was feeling before starting
  • The major shifts she experienced around food, body image and her mindset
  • Why going through a program like this is not simply “check it off the list” sort of work, and what real self care looks like 
  • How Megan is feeling now and what she would recommend to people starting out on this journey
  • And much more

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