Episode 77: Navigating Relationships and Dating During Stressful, Uncertain Times with Laurie Gerber

Why We Love Laurie:

Passionate about personal development, Laurie has been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years. She specializes in relationship and marriage coaching and is the #1 marriage and relationship coach based in NYC. She spreads her message of empowerment through

public speaking events, such as the 2019 TedX Brooklyn, live international events, one-on-one coaching, virtual coaching courses, and on radio and in TV appearances such as MTV’s True Life Special: I’m Getting a Second Chance, A&E’s The Marriage Test, the Dr. Phil Show and the TODAY show. Laurie also hosts monthly dating and relationship webinars on Match and JDate providing dating, sex, and relationship advice to an average of 350 listeners per month. 

Laurie considers herself “an angel recruiter” because she is busy looking for other people who share her mission to instill more joy and peace in the world. She feels blessed to spend her days doing work that makes her proud and she is inspired by Handel clients for having the gumption and guts to look at themselves honestly. 

She lives in Manhattan with her husband and three kids.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The Handel Group approach to coaching and what makes it unique and effective
  • The impact of COVID on relationships, and trends Laurie is seeing this year
  • What people lie about and various forms of lying that we don’t necessarily think about
  • How lies to ourselves and others can stop us from having our dreams
  • Where to start with uncovering our own lies and telling the truth
  • Dating during COVID and in general, and why getting clear on exactly what we want in a relationship is vital
  • Practical ways to navigate change and stress without letting it affect your relationship in a negative way
  • Tips for effective communication with your partner and how to manage expectations
  • Options to work with Laurie and the Handel Group and how to get started
  • And more

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