Episode 8: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Initimidated by Crossfit with Emily Connors

Emily Connors

Why We Love Emily

Emily owns and manages Signum CrossFit located in Bel Air, Maryland along with her husband, Rob. She’s a Nutrition Coach, as well as a Nutrition Business Mentor for Healthy Steps Nutrition.

They use the CrossFit methodology in a private 1-on-1 personal training setting as well as providing nutrition plans and coaching services.

She is incredibly passionate about nutrition and believes in its power to do both good and bad, depending on the food choices made. Her ultimate goal is to help improve the lives of as many individuals as possible through CrossFit and sound nutrition, as well as inspire other nutrition coaches through mentorship.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Why nutrition can about so much more than what you’re eating
  • Why having a deeper why is so much more motivating than weight loss will ever be
  • Why putting life on hold until you lose weight is the worst thing we can do
  • The true universal appeal of CrossFit and why women should definitely not be intimidated
  • How CrossFit workouts are infinitely scalable for everyone from newbie exercisers and 70-year old women to professional athletes
  • How CrossFit works and why it’s the only major health movement in the world of its kind right now
  • Why the community aspect of CrossFit is so empowering and addicting
  • Why working towards things in class, building skills and conquering things you’re scared of bleeds confidence into the rest of our lives
  • When it can get dangerous and why form is so important
  • The recommended schedule to ensure you avoid burnout
  • What it’s like running a business with her husband and how she’s trying to practice being present as a mom and a business owner
  • Her love of CBD oil and the benefits she’s seen from it
  • Her nutrition program and how she teaches clients to lower inflammation and balance their hormones
  • Why water is so important and how much we underestimate its impact
  • How Bridget did the Special K diet in middle school and how it very much didn’t work
  • Why deprivation and restriction is never the answer to weight loss
  • Why reductionist thinking around food and nutrition has lead us in the wrong direction for so long
  • How she meal preps and plans so that healthy food isn’t left up to chance
  • Why a lot of times the things that give us the biggest results are the least sexy or exciting

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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Lauren DelBuono says:

    This girl inspires with her honesty! I worked with Emily on my on nutrition journey. I was blessed with athletic, slender built and before the age of 35 never had a negative view of my body. I noticed hormones, age, lifestyle was altering my view in a negative way. I felt stuck, skinny fat…so on my drive home in December 2017 to NJ from Charlotte NC I stopped in Baltimore to visit the Connors.
    There I sat with my dear friend and went over my entire nutritional daily map where I discovered I was eating all wrong.
    After Emily patiently listened with compassion and gave an honest assessment I had a new map/plan to try and see how 2018 unfold with a new view on food, portions, macros/micros, working out with weights ! I felt it was so relaxed in the plan Emily provided that I said I can do this now and FOREVER!
    I felt so great only after 1 month on her HSN plan. I saw a difference in my muscle composition, how my clothes fit. I felt so happy and I am still using the plan to this day & will use the tools Emily provided for you the rest of my life. Beyond happy & so proud to have the support of Emily Connors & HSN.

  • Bridget says:

    Love it, Lauren! Emily is amazing – so glad you found her and that you had such a great experience. Thanks for sharing!

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