Episode 83: Trusting Your Intuition to Return to Your True Self with Angel Simone

Why We Love Angel:

Angel Simone, originally from England, is an entrepreneur, coach and motivational speaker. As a gay, black, female, Angel has had to navigate many obstacles on her way to discovering her true potential.
Angel is a certified Life Coach, with a passion to see us return to our authentic selves by overcoming limiting beliefs and the opinions we developed about ourselves due to societal opinion and cultural influence.
Angel lives in Portsmouth NH, and escapes to the beach as often as she can!

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Angel’s story in becoming a Pastor and later making the decision to come out 
  • Some of the differences between spirituality and institutional religion 
  • The inner conflict around her sexuality and what she thought was the right path
  • Defining “success” and making the decision to give it up in order to be yourself and be happy
  • How Angel began trusting her intuition and shifting her perception of God and love
  • Why being alone and sitting in the stillness and quiet is key for finding what feels good and true
  • The uncomfortable, messy work that can come with personal growth, and choosing that over staying stuck or avoiding it out of fear
  • How Angel has navigated conversations around faith, religion and marriage with her children
  • The advice she would give to her former self or anyone going through a transition in life
  • And much more

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