Episode 89: Starting Where You Are to Build Healthy Habits with Shanique Allen

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Why We Love Shanique:

Shanique Allen is a certified Health & Nutrition coach with over 10 years in the wellness space as Personal Trainer and Corporate Wellness consultant. Now as the Head Coach of Shanique Allen Coaching, she is on a mission to help women embrace themselves where they are, and use their life experience to build a wellness blueprint they can thrive on.

Through her coaching programs, she gives women the tools to free themselves from diet culture’s toxic food and movement rules, and instead embrace the intuitive ways they can eat, move and live to nourish their whole being from the inside out.

You won’t find her recommending diets, food lists, one way to move, or shaming you for starting over for the 10th or 100th time. Instead, you will find repeated calls to show yourself grace when things go awry as much as you will find her asking you the tough questions to get you living life unrestricted and in total body health and acceptance.

Shanique lives in Seattle with her husband Mike and their 3 year old goldendoodle Siggy.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Shanique’s story and her struggles with food, her body, and burnout 
  • Signs of burnout and why it can be sneaky
  • The mindset shifts she made around exercise and food
  • The traumatic, visceral response to restriction after many years of dieting
  • Navigating possible weight gain and body acceptance that can feel scary in response to giving up dieting
  • How to create small, simple healthy habits by starting with what you’re already doing
  • Getting curious, and asking questions anytime you’re told what to eat or someone else suggests they knows better than you when it comes to your body
  • And much more

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