Episode 9: How to Find Purpose in Your Career and Why It Matters with Jeanne Grabowski

Jeanne Grabowski

Why We Love Jeanne

Jeanne provides career coaching and brand strategy to individuals building either aligned careers in the corporate world, entrepreneurs building socially conscious businesses or influential digital platforms.

Her goal is to support individuals, executives and entrepreneurs in becoming more healthy, conscious, and impactful leaders. No matter the career path, she supports all clients through a deep career discovery and self-inquiry process that clarifies and supports values-aligned action in their work.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Jeanne’s career journey: how she got started in the coaching business, and how she got to where she is today
  • How clarity in our careers affects our overall health and happiness
  • How she honors her values in her career and finds alignment in her work
  • How our education system can sometimes lead to discontent and a lack of fulfillment in our careers for some people and why it works for others
  • Why career trajectories are never linear and look very different at different stages
  • What career alignment feels like and how to identify what your values are in order to feel connected to your work
  • Moving through fear around career transitions and how to move past the freakout moments (which, um, we’ve all had)
  • The power of working with a coach or having a supportive community, and why you don’t need to figure it all out on your own if you’re feeling confused, depressed or stuck
  • Tangible, tactical action steps for making career transitions, whether that’s to another company or starting your own business or side gig
  • How to make a transition to a role or company you’re interested in when you have little or no experience
  • Why building a personal brand can be useful for getting a job at a company and how to do it with integrity
  • Manifestation and how to use it for calling in career opportunities
  • How to focus on your own work and life, block out the noise and drop the comparison game or concern around judgment or criticism
  • Why vulnerability and moving through uncomfortable feelings is required in going after what you want

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