Episode 91: You Are More Than a Body with Dr. Lindsay Kite

more than a body

Why We Love Lindsay:

Dr. Lindsay Kite and her twin sister Dr. Lexie Kite received their PhDs from the University of Utah. Their academic research on media studies and body image inspired them to establish the non-profit Beauty Redefined in 2009 (while concluding their co-written master’s thesis and beginning their doctoral research) to help women recognize and reject harmful messages about their bodies, worth, and potential, and redefine the meaning and value of beauty in their lives.

Since then, Lexie and Lindsay have become leading experts in body image resilience and media literacy and have been featured in a variety of national publications and interviews. Today, they continue to build on their academic work and the passion it stoked for helping girls and women through Beauty Redefined’s online body image resilience course and course facilitator program, and regular speaking events for thousands of people of all ages at universities, high schools, and community organizations.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The phenomenon of self-objectification – what it s, when it begins and why it affects women so profoundly in life 
  • How being an identical twin impacted body image and her own self-objectification 
  • What creates our body image and the specific factors that impact our self-objectification 
  • Why a household that diets growing up is a common denominator for poor body image issues 
  • Why measuring health by weight is problematic and incomplete and wreaks havoc on our body image growing up 
  • The important distinction between loving how you look and building body image resilience 
  • Connecting the media we mindless consume for entertainment as blocking our ability to self-actualize; we can’t imagine our best future selves without also seeing ourselves looking differently
  • How the fitness and wellness industry contribute to our self-objectification
  • And much more

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