Episode 93: How to Ditch Your Emotional Baggage with Jenna Slaughter

Why We Love Jenna:

Jenna is an LGBTQIA+ Self-Love Coach, who helps folx sort through conditioning, release emotional baggage, and tap into their authentic selves. You can connect with Jenna at jennaslaughter.com, or check out the new Unlearning podcast!

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Conditioning: what it actually is and how our beliefs might affect us
  • Some common limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts
  • Reparenting ourselves and inner child work
  • Some of the stats around women and girls related to eating disorders and body hate
  • How Jenna’s queer identity and internalized homophobia intersected with body acceptance
  • Social media: the benefits and the downsides as it relates to our self worth and body image
  • How to start to shift your mindset and create new beliefs that actually serve you
  • And much more

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