Episode 97: A Non-Diet Approach to Prenatal + Postpartum Nutrition with Jaren Soloff

Why We Love Jaren:

Jaren Soloff is a Registered Dietitian and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who serves as an expert in women’s health. While continuing to practice in the field of eating disorder treatment, Jaren gained additional experience as an IBCLC to fuse her love of nutrition and women’s health. Now working solely in private practice, Jaren combines her expertise as a skilled nutrition therapist and lactation consultant to support mothers in nourishing themselves and their babies with confidence. FULL CRCL provides nutrition counseling and lactation consultations to help both mom and baby thrive in motherhood. Informed by her own journey and the hundreds of women she has counseled, Jaren’s experience comes full circle to support women in navigating pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a simple and intuitive framework.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The work Jaren does as a nutrition therapist and lactation consultant
  • How her personal struggles with food played a role in coming to this work
  • Some of the common challenges women face in pregnancy and postpartum phases related to food and body 
  • Why poor body image moments are often not actually about our bodies
  • How to approach nutrition and taking care of your health as a new mother without falling into dieting or any restrictive patterns
  • The Postpartum Cookbook: who Jaren wrote it for and why
  • The factors outside of nutrition that impact a new mother’s healing including mental health 
  • How weight stigma affects individuals in larger bodies during pregnancy and postpartum
  • How to develop your inner advocate when it comes to your postpartum care and upholding boundaries
  • And so much more

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