Can I still try to lose weight while I learn intuitive eating?


You can. But it won’t ‘work’. 

The goal of intuitive eating is to break out of the diet cycle and make peace with food and your body. If you go into it focused on weight loss, you’ll never truly be able to listen to your body. Your thoughts and decisions will always be rooted in weight loss deep down and that will dictate your behavior. The goal here is to let go, trust your body and let it take over. Doing so is how you get all those wonderful benefits we talked about before, like no longer feeling like a lunatic and obsessing about food all day. Or starting new diets every other week only to wind up face down in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s late at night hating yourself and hoping nobody walks into the kitchen to expose you for the absolute freak you feel like inside around food. 

If you try to lose weight with intuitive eating you will turn it into another diet rendering it totally useless and ineffective. 

That being said, we’ve never had a client who wasn’t somewhat interested in losing weight. Wanting to lose weight in our culture is totally normal and common and we ourselves are not immune. But, the ability to put that desire on the back burner, to just allow it to ride alongside but not be in control on this journey is absolutely necessary. The desire to lose weight may remain but, it cannot be the reason you want to learn intuitive eating. Feeling at peace with food and your body for once in your life has to be more important. That has to be your North star, otherwise it’s not going to work.


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