Do I really need a coach to just eat intuitively? Shouldn’t it be intuitive?


I mean, no, of course not. But even Serena Williams has a tennis coach. The best way to shrink a learning curve and accelerate and amplify results is to get guidance and support in whatever you’re doing. 

And for this particular issue, we’ve honestly never seen someone succeed who didn’t get some sort of support, guidance and community around it. Intuitive Eating is countercultural. And the head of the trail is rocky and misleading. You’re going to have questions. It’s going to feel awkward. There are going to be times when you feel even crazier and doubt yourself and want to quit. And it’s likely there aren’t many people in your personal circle that can help. 

Most people you know are probably dieting in some way themselves or at least talking about it. Weight is on everyone’s minds. Our culture is obsessed with its narrow definition of “wellness.” Women connect over points and calories and body bashing. Charting this new course can be lonely and confusing. You can 100% try to do this on your own but our question would then be: why? 

There’s a growing army of women busting free from the shackles of diet culture, making peace with food, healing their body image and reclaiming their confidence, so why go it alone? It’s so much more fun and impactful to get support.

If you’d like to talk to us about that, book a free Intuitive Eating Breakthrough Session now. It’s a 45 minute call where we’ll dive into exactly what’s not working for you in terms of food and your body, what you’re missing in order to fix it, and a plan to get you moving in the right direction. Here’s that link again.


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