I always feel guilty after eating foods I know aren’t great for me, especially sweets. I eat them when I’m craving them, not because I’m hungry, and then I end up feeling guilty. How can I stop these cravings and stop feeling guilty?


There’s a lot to unpack here but, the gist of it is that the more you try to restrict certain foods the more power those foods will have over you. The guilt you feel is part of the psychological restriction that will need to be addressed. Restriction will always lead to cravings and binges. Allowing all foods and recognizing that there is nothing wrong with eating food for the sheer enjoyment of them, even when not hungry, is important. We are allowed to eat when we’re not hungry and enjoy any food we want. That guilt you feel is the “Food Police”, the internal enforcement arm of diet culture. Making peace with food and shifting the beliefs that some foods are “wrong” or “unhealthy” will be an important step for you. 

So stop restricting the food and just enjoy it. And address the root belief in your brain that’s making that wrong in the first place. All foods are allowed in intuitive eating. And no food will make or break your health. Food choices are not character flaws or moral implications. That’s all diet culture brainwashing. 


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