What do I do if intuitive eating doesn’t work for me?


First: I’d encourage you to take a step back and get honest about your intentions going into it. Did you think you’d just magically start eating like a bird? Were you hoping you’d find that you weren’t really that hungry after all? Did you think you’d just start to see weight naturally melting off? Did you think it would be … easy

If you answered yes to any of those questions you’re definitely not alone but, could be what’s going on. 

Remember that “working” means making peace with food and your body. So going back to unpack what that really means for you would be helpful. 

Second: I’d ask if you’re familiar with the 5 stages of intuitive eating. Because “working” can look very different depending on which stage you’re currently in. 

Third: I’d ask what type of guidance and support have you received? Did you read a couple of articles and then just stop dieting? If so, that probably won’t work. Did you read the actual Intuitive Eating book? If so, you’re getting closer. What about the Intuitive Eating workbook? (Yes, there are actually exercises and assignments that can help you along your path.) And did you sign up for any type of Intuitive Eating program or coaching

All of those things would be really helpful. If it’s not clear by now, the benefits of intuitive eating are well worth the work but it’s not easy. So before you decide that it’s not working for you, get honest about how serious you’ve committed to learning and implementing it into your life. Casual dabblers will have a harder time than most. 

Additional reading: We answer this FAQ in far greater depth on our blog. This piece is definitely worth a read: Why Isn’t Intuitive Eating Working?


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