What if I have a chronic illness or food allergy?


This is a really common question. If you legitimately have Celiac Disease, for example, your body is going to be speaking to you very loudly if you eat a loaf of bread. So if someone suffering from Celiac Disease is eating intuitively, they’d be responding to the physical sensations of their body to get their need to not feel violently ill met. The shift is going from thinking “I have to go on a strict, gluten-free diet” to “I’m eating to take care of myself and feel good – and my body tells me it hates gluten.” 

It can certainly be trickier to eat intuitively for those with chronic illness or legitimate food allergies (We’re not talking about the wellness industry’s food-anxiety-induced version of food sensitivities. Did you know that food anxiety and yo-yo dieting can actually cause a lot of the physical symptoms, like IBS, that the wellness industry then blames on things like the evil nightshade vegetables? Just some food for thought.) 

If you’re suffering from a chronic illness or food allergy and are interested in intuitive eating, we’d encourage you to find a registered dietitian who is also Intuitive Eating Certified and HAES aligned.

Here is a great place to search for both: HAES Community Search 



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