Will I lose/gain weight with intuitive eating?


Short answer: nobody knows what’s going to happen with your body. (And if they tell you otherwise they’re full of sh*t.)

The long answer: for some, a lifetime of dieting may have resulted in a body weight that’s higher than their natural, weight set point. For others, severe restriction may have left them underweight. Depending on too many variables to predict, you may gain, you may lose, you may stay the same. 

At the end of the day though, intuitive eating is about healing your relationship with food and your body so that you can exit the painful, all-consuming diet cycle and embrace true, lasting well-being instead. It’s about ending the craziness you feel and finding peace. It is not about the weight. What typically happens is that eating intuitively for some time, weight will stabilize and settle at a natural, healthy place for your body. 

(And if anyone suggests using intuitive eating for intentional weight loss, run in the other direction. They are co-opting the term for marketing purposes.)

Additional reading: Bridget wrote an awesome piece on this here if you’d like to read more (and get a little bonus coaching as well): Can I Lose Weight with Intuitive Eating? 


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