Will intuitive eating help me stop binge eating?


Most likely. Binge eating in most cases is a direct response to restriction and deprivation, whether physical or psychological. When you remove the restriction and deprivation most binge eating will subside on its own. Of course, binge eating is a spectrum and in severe cases may need a clinical diagnosis and treatment. (If you believe you may have an eating disorder please reach out at hello@wellnesslately.com and we’d be happy to refer you to a trusted specialist.)  

But for the average dieter, binge eating is mostly uncomfortable physically and emotionally. But once you start feeding yourself enough, regularly, and no longer restricting any foods you enjoy, you should see a rapid decrease in bingeing. It can sometimes happen overnight. 

There’s also a lot of confusion around binge eating. Eating ravenously past the point of being full when you’ve been restricting and depriving yourself is actually a healthy, natural response from your body while it’s trying to keep you alive. And diet culture has led us to believe we’re supposed to eat far less than our bodies actually need. 

Either way, binging, in most cases, is the body’s natural, healthy response to restriction and deprivation. So intuitive eating should help you stop naturally, without any willpower needed. 

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