5 Fitness Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Fitness Influencers

Fitness influencers can get a bad rap. We sit and scroll, sometimes comparing our less than gram-worthy Tuesday night reality to someone else’s carefully crafted highlight reel. This can make us feel like crap. Comparisonitis is a very real thing. I’m not denying it. But Instagram fitness influencers can also play an important role in inspiring, educating and connecting us.

I’ve already raved about one of these ladies below. I did Kayla Itsines’ BBG program a couple of years ago and loved it. I lost ten pounds, shrank dramatically in inches and felt a sense of strength and accomplishment that I haven’t been able to replicate in my fitness journey since. My motivation for doing so was almost entirely inspired by the incredible brand and following she’s created over on Instagram.

So I wondered recently, as I struggle trying to get back into a solid workout routine (and back into shape post baby) if I shouldn’t expand my horizons outside of the BBG community and look for another group of hashtags to get me fired up.

Turns out, there are tons to choose from. For me though, these 5 top fitness influencers (Kayla included) are the ones making the biggest waves – and the ones I’ll be following closest.

5 Fitness Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Kayla Itsines

There’s not much more I can say about Kayla that I haven’t already said. She’s fantastic. I love her vibe, her energy and her positive approach to helping women reclaim their strength and confidence through exercise. And with 9.9 million followers, I’m obviously not the only one who feels that way. I think her community is truly something special. And if you haven’t been following or, haven’t tried her workouts, I highly suggest you give them a go.

She has guides and an app!

Tone it Up

Karena and Katrina over at Tone It Up are crushing it. They have a gorgeous brand and humongous (1.4 million ladies) following that is incredibly positive and inspiring. They’ve got lots of products from yoga mats to protein powder and the results their followers show are amazing. I’ve just downloaded their studio app myself. If I’m not mistaken, you can take live classes on there with other women. Now, whether or not I can get this neck sorted out and actually start exercising again remains to be seen. But, if I do, this studio app is going to be my starting point.

They’ve also got a new book out!

Anna Victoria

You may have already heard about her Fit Body Guides. She’s been featured all over the place. But, as with the two above, what really makes her stand out is the gigantic community (1.3 million followers) that supports each other. She also has a strong focus on diving in for 12 weeks to show yourself how capable you are and how quickly you can see results when you put in the work. Perhaps I’ll make that my next challenge instead? Who knows. You know what I mean? Who. effing. Knows. What I’m doing over here.

You can find her guides and meal plans over on her website!

Cassey Ho

I fell in love with Cassey after watching her moving little body image video on YouTube. I’d been looking for some pilates inspo and, of course, she was the first to pop up. She has a really great vibe that makes you want to buy her a glass of wine. And she just seems like a really lovely person (I could be projecting, I’ve never actually met her.). Her Blogilates fame is incredible (1.4 million Insta followers) and her yoga mats are beautiful. She combines all different types of fitness into her brand and even has a certification program for other instructors. Her goal is to make fitness fun and accessible, which is exactly what she’s done with her PIIT28 program.

Jeanette Jenkins

Jeannette is the woman behind The Hollywood Trainer Club. With celebrity clients like P!nk, Alicia Keys and Serena Williams, the results she offers speak for themselves. Her feed is followed by about a half a million people and is full of workouts, inspiration and positivity. Plus, if you head to her site, she’s got a subscription program with hundreds of recipes and workouts to ensure you reach your weight loss and healthy living goals for just $5 a week! Damn, girl. Oh and it looks like Mindy Kaling is now her client as well. And we love us some Mindy Kaling over here, you know?  

Although Instagram can sometimes wreak havoc on our mental stability, when used appropriately, it can also be a great source of connection and inspiration in our lives. Following body-positive, healthy living enthusiasts like the ladies above might be just the touch of motivation we need to get going and reclaim our own strength and confidence. Plus, there’s no shortage of how-to info out there thanks to them as well. If you’re looking for that kind of fitness inspo, you know, to tone up your buns as well as your habits, look no further than the five Instagram fitness influencers above.


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Who are your favorite Instagram fitness influencers? Do you love them or secretly hate them? Leave a comment below!

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