The Case for Making Salad Dressing at Home

salad dressing without sugar

Today’s topic is a riveting one. Let’s talk about salads!

How often do you buy greens with the intention of chowing down salads all week long, just to find a semi-brown bag in the back of your fridge come Friday?

I used to do that a lot.

Now I make salads a whole lot around here, mostly because I always have the required ingredients on hand. You can essentially throw anything you’ve got in the fridge into a bowl and call it a day, which is the easiest recipe of all time is it not?

The other compelling thing about salads, if you’ve decided to stick with me here, is that they are vehicles for carrying cheese in a way that miraculously falls in the “healthy” category.

The thing that really changed the game though, was learning how easy it was to make dressing at home. Not only can you create something real delicious in a couple quick steps, but you avoid all the crap conventional dressings usually come with, like sugar, artificial ingredients or other additives.

From what I understand there are exactly two reasons to buy salad dressing at the grocery store and those are: 1. Convenience or 2. A lack of knowledge regarding how easy they are to make.

But great news! Making dressing at home knocks out both problems with one punch. Here’s a basic formula to follow. I use this base all the time, and usually add whatever herbs I have on hand or mix up the vinegar based on the flavor I’m going for. 


The Basic Formula for Homemade Dressing

Mix: 1 part vinegar: 3 parts oil

So that means depending on how much you’re making, this is your ration. One tablespoon of vinegar, three tablespoons of oil. One cup of vinegar, three cups of oil. Etc., Etc. I usually use olive oil (but could also use coconut, grapeseed, etc.) and rotate between balsamic, red wine or apple cider vinegar. A sesame oil and rice vinegar combo works well if I’m going for an Asian style.

Optional add ons:

  • +Fresh lemon or lime juice
  • +Dijon mustard (start with a tablespoon and go from there on taste)
  • +Maple Syrup or honey (start with a tablespoon and go from there on taste)
  • + add-ins such as garlic and herbs
  • + salt and pepper to taste

Bam. Easy right? Got yourself a homemade salad dressing without sugar. 

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