Episode 46: How to Get Started with Intuitive Eating and Improving Your Body Image: Part 1

In This Episode:

Sick and tired of fighting to lose weight, obsessing about food and exercise, and feeling like shit? In this episode we’re talking about our go-to tools (and what we teach our clients) to ditch dieting, fix your food issues, and heal your relationship with your body. We provide an overview of the intuitive eating framework and how each step works, plus why it’s so important.

Stay tuned for part 2 on body image!

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Why it’s so important to heal your relationship with food and your body
  • Our personal relationships with food and history with dieting
  • Who Intuitive Eating is helpful for
  • The outcomes and benefits that are possible when you stop dieting
  • The 10 steps of intuitive eating and how each one works
  • And much more

Helpful Links:

  • Set up a free breakthrough session with us.
  • Our Food Freedom Master Class: The 5-step strategy our clients use to stop binging, feel normal around food and finally feel good in their own skin. (Even if they’ve tried 1,537 diets and none of them have worked.)

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