How to Reprogram Your Mindset to Reach Your Goals (+ Rad Vibes Only Giveaway!)

how to reprogram your mindset

“If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

The first time I watched The Secret on Netflix, I heard my neighbors coming up the stairs about halfway through and sprung off my couch to lower the volume, knocking over my coffee in the process. Didn’t even care because the highest priority was ensuring they did not hear what was coming out of my tv.  

If you’re not familiar with The Secret, read this before watching the movie. Then brace yourself, because if this is your first foray into The Law of Attraction you may have a lot of questions, like I did (see freaked out/embarrassed/wtf is going on here situation above).

The general idea is one that’s weaved throughout essentially every self help book: that our thoughts dictate our experiences and outcomes. The Law of Attraction suggests that if we truly believe good things will come our way and our internal world is positive, that we’ll manifest positive things in the external world. That is, like attracts like. Think positive, positive things comes our way. Think negative, negative things come our way.

That’s a vast simplification of course, and there are a few major misconceptions, ones that I like to bring up in the way of a disclaimer. Things like the idea that thinking your way into a seven figure book deal, or relationship with Ryan Gosling, or private island ownership is no biggie.

But what I want to focus on today is one element in particular. Because I’ve been re-reading The Master Key System and something struck me that isn’t really clarified much in all this Law of Attraction jargon (and it’s where many of those misconceptions stem from).

Yes, thought is the key player in how we experience life. Thought is an active, dynamic energy that correlates with what’s brought into the objective (visible) world. It has the power to connect us to the Universe and bring about what we call in.

Yikes, forgive me for some of that mumbo jumbo.

But our thoughts do hold waaaaay more power than most of us give them credit for. Gabby Bernstein has a great book on this if you want to learn more in a super digestible way.

The second part to this is equally important though, and that’s the part we often miss. It’s about how we feel. Not just I feel like I can make $100,000, or lose 20 pounds, or meet a great partner. Like do you truly believe it?

Because you might say you want something, but deep down you don’t feel it’s actually possible. And it has to do with our subconscious programming. That means we all been conditioned, whether through our parents, or society, or school or the media, to think certain things to be true (whether we’re aware of it or not). And every single thought we have has an impression on the mind, that sinks into the unconscious and forms a tendency or a belief that’s tough to shake.

These impressions form how we feel.

Let me give you an example. Say you want to make a career change. You really hate your job, and you love writing and you think you want to make it as a fiction writer.

You may decide to go back to school, or start browsing job postings, or say to hell with it! Throw caution to the wind and quit on the spot.

But wait a sec. You were brought up in a school system that strips kids of creativity and encourages brut memorization. You went to college (which you paid a lot of money for) to get a degree enter the workforce and get a 9-5. Your parents are doctors or lawyers or bankers, who appreciated your writing as a hobby but assured you there was no money to be made. All along the way, you were programmed with facts about what you can and can’t do, and now those thoughts are part of your subconscious makeup.

So yeah, maybe you want to be a writer, but deep down you don’t believe it’s actually possible.

And fear creeps in, and you start to doubt your decision to pursue writing, and maybe tell yourself your job isn’t so bad. What’s another year? You could never be a writer anyway, you’re not good enough. You start arguing for your own limitations.

This is the mindset stuff we gotta examine.

And it’s wildly uncomfortable. Because it’s easy to accept our own limitations. It’s much more difficult to reject them and go for something different, something bigger. Plus, all those annoying subconscious beliefs.

Okay so how do we start shifting our mindsets and reprogramming our beliefs?

The bad news, is that it’s no small feat, and doesn’t happen overnight. We’re talking years and years of conditioning to reverse here, so we’re not going to erase all the negative thoughts that hold us back instantly.

But the good news, is that we can start to let go of some of these self-imposed limitations with a few daily practices.

3 steps toward actually believing in yourself, and becoming aware of what you’re capable of:

1. Visualize it

Can you imagine clearly what it would be like to achieve your goal? Not just surface level stuff, like it would great to publish my first novel. How would that actually feel? Write it down and be specific. If possible, read it back to yourself everyday to keep it top of mind.

2. Change your vibration

All thought and mental action is vibrational, which means in order to have a positive thought you need to have a positive vibration. Ask yourself what would produce the best possible, most positive mindset and get you into alignment right now? This is going to result in positive thoughts and feelings. For me, that’s reading a great book or going to yoga, but it’s gonna look different for everyone. Learn more about raising your vibration during your morning routine here.

3. Become it

Alright, this is the gnarly one. Because we hear a lot about how you have to “be it” before you “see it” when it comes to something you desire. For example, if you want to be a millionaire, you have to cultivate a millionaire mindset first before you see the money in the bank. If you want to meet the love of your life, you have to express gratitude for that person now and feel into how happy you are in your relationship. This is the part where you really have to do some introspection and take a look at the stories you’ve attached to about why you don’t have what you want.

This stuff is all a lot easier with a few regular reminders for keeping your mindset positive. I’m not a big “say it into the mirror” affirmations person, but I do read my big life vision every morning, and I keep little quotes throughout my apartment that put me on the right track.

It’s why I fell in love with Rad Vibes Only when I stumbled upon their products. Through apparel, accessories and content, their mission is to provide simple, daily reminders that positive mindset is everything.

Speaking of which, they kindly over the Mindset is Everything tank to try, and I’ve been wearing it to yoga class or at home doing work. It’s such a fun reminder, and putting it on always puts me in a great headspace. Not to mention it’s soooo soft and comfy.

I love their product line, because everything is not only adorable, but clearly infused with good vibes and intention. I’ve got my eye on the Dreamer tank as well as the Good Vibes cap.

Ohhh and here’s the best part you guys! We teamed up with Rad Vibes Only for a sweet giveaway. You could win the Mindset is Everything tank for yourself, plus a copy of one of our favorite books, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s such a good read for getting into a positive mindset, facing your self-imposed limitations and reframing your thoughts around those big goals and desires.

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How’s your mindset these days? Are you into the Law of Attraction? Would you guys be into a mini course about this stuff? Too woo-woo? Tell me everything.

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