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A personalized Intuitive Eating coaching program to help you make peace with food and your body.

Are you stuck in the painful diet-binge cycle?

Frustrated at yourself for being good for a while and then blowing it? 

Sick and tired of obsessing about food and your body all day long? 

We can help.

When you enroll in Food Freedom Academy, our personalized Intuitive Eating coaching program, we’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Heal your relationship with food so that you can trust yourself, eat normally and enjoy food again, all while taking excellent care of yourself and honoring your health and well-being (without willpower, guilt, shame or restriction). 
  • Learn to move your body in ways you enjoy and put punishing exercise and feeling guilty about not working out behind you for good. 
  • Build your confidence, upgrade your self-talk, and improve your body image.
  • Refocus all the time, energy and mind space you’ve been wasting on dieting on more fulfilling, meaningful parts of life that really matter to you. 

HEAR FROM past clients:

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

PART 1 | Fix Your Food Issues

Our intuitive eating coaching curriculum guides you through the 10 principles to make peace with food and exit the painful diet-binge cycle so that you can trust yourself and reconnect to your body’s own inner wisdom. 

PART 2 | Boost Your Body Image

We’ll teach you the fundamentals of healing your body image and building your body image resilience so you can relax, be more present to what matters, and feel good in your own skin. (This step is also crucial in ensuring we do not pass these issues down to the next generation.) 

PART 3 | Live a More Confident Life

We’ll dive under the hood and see what dieting was distracting you from, and support you in going after all those things in life you’d been waiting on the weight to make happen.

HEAR FROM past clients:

“There’s a candy jar in my office that sits right next to my desk. Before the course, I would eat about five pieces of candy each day. Since beginning the course a few months ago, I’ve had about five pieces in all. Now, I let myself eat the candy under one condition: that I actually want it. I noticed after starting the course that I was eating the candy just because it was there. In reality, most of the time I’d much rather eat the strawberries I brought than the M&M’s. But when I want them, I eat them! Simple as that.
One other major thing that happened was that I stopped hating my body. I now see myself not as a failure, but as a work in progress. I know that my body is 100% a result of my mindset, and since beginning the course my mindset has been positive.
I would recommend the program to every person I know who is ready.”
– Sam D.
“I’m not emotionally reaching for food as often as before. More awareness of what I’m eating, how much, why, how I feel after eating, with less judgement. I’m practicing more kindness with myself and decreasing the impossible expectations I often have. I’m learning to use the intuitive eating concepts in other areas! I’m much more satisfied with my body and who I am.
I have not only learned that I can step away from the diet culture and see it for what it is, I can use these concepts to step away from cultures idea of what our life “should” be in many areas! And this is for me is just as important as intuitive eating! I think every woman needs to be taught to listen to herself!”
– Annette K.
“I have so much more confidence! I am truly happier in my own skin. I have a new outlook on life based on the work I did during the program. I no longer pay attention to diet fads, and I am happy with my appearance. I also realized how much dieting was affecting my entire life, and by deciding to reject the diet mentality, I am much more confident in my personal life and work life. I am taking strides to make changes to live my ideal life, and I wouldn’t have known what my ideal life looks like without the program.
I would absolutely recommend the program to other women struggling with food and their bodies! It truly changed my outlook. The work was challenging but completely worth it. Bridget and Dana are amazing coaches who really understand where you are coming from. There is no doubt in my mind that my happiness in life right now stems from the work I did in the intuitive eating coaching program.”
– Cassie C.
“I’ve been kinder to myself – I try to look at myself as though I am my friend and deserve kindness. I’ve tried to focus on eating when I’m hungry rather than when it is “meal” time and really listening to what my body wants/needs. I really enjoy the coaching aspect of the program and how it helps me to answer hard questions.
I would 100% recommend the program to others. I think that the approach to looking at one’s life and improving aspects of it is extremely beneficial. Our society needs to stop focusing on weight and size and focusing on being happy. I think that the group calls also help to put it in perspective for others as well and to understand that many of us struggle and we are not alone.”
– Dana F.
“I have never done anything like this in my 43 years and was not sure what to expect. I was so impressed with all the course work and the knowledge they were providing. I had the courage to push myself to take the leap and do things I was holding back on doing. I also have become so much more reflective in daily life.
I loved getting to know all the other women and the supportive environment Dana and Bridget provided. Loved our weekly calls! I have always had a diet mindset and this intuitive eating coaching program really gave me amazing tools to help me navigate my life. BYE BYE DIETS AND HELLO TO A LIFE!”
– Wendy S.


intuitive eating coaching


Dive in and learn from the core intuitive eating coaching curriculum via video and PDF lessons and assignments. Access everything you need immediately upon enrolling and work through our suggested schedule to stay on track.
intuitive eating coaching


Connect with women just like you, working through the same challenges and supporting one another in our intimate Slack community. Get answers to your questions, share articles and resources, access your coaches 24/7 and stay accountable to show up for yourself.
intuitive eating coaching


Find comprehensive, personalized support through a mix of 1:1 private calls and weekly group coaching with Bridget and Dana. There are multiple options each week to have all your questions answered and dive deep to overcome challenges and make breakthroughs you didn’t know you needed.


  • You’re done with dieting and ready to try something you’ve never tried before
  • You’re ready and willing to show up for yourself in a much bigger way and want personalized support and accountability 
  • You’re done waiting on the weight to create the life you really want deep down
  • You’re 100% ready to put this struggle with food and your body behind your forever

You Can Do This, Friend.

And We’ll help You Every Step of the Way.



What if I can't make the live calls?

We have multiple options each week and highly encourage you to join. But if for some reason there’s a week you just can’t make it happen, all calls are recorded and everyone can catch the replays in our Slack community.

How much time will this require?

It depends. We say on average, watching videos, completing the exercises and joining a coaching call takes around 2-3 hours per week. You may find yourself going deeper though, with journaling, reading, meditating and self-care. It’s truly up to you. What you put in, is what you’ll get out. On average though, we’d say about 2-3 hours per week.

Will I lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program. This is also not a diet or a quick fix. (Pro tip: those don’t actually exist.) No one can predict what will happen to your body in this process. More important though, is what you can gain: more confidence, energy, wellbeing, happiness and generally more meaningful, fulfilling lives. The work we do is around Intuitive Eating and personal growth. We teach mindset, self-care and lifestyle. We help you connect the dots, and understand that true happiness and fulfillment have nothing to do with weight and everything to do with how you’re showing up in your life and whether or not you’re being the person you really want to be. The process of Intuitive Eating will help you to arrive at your body’s natural, healthy set point weight but no one can determine what that is for you. If you’ve been dieting and binging, you may be above that set point. But, honestly, weight loss is not the point. The point is to get out of the diet cycle that’s making you miserable and to make peace with food and your body for lasting health and well-being. Read more about our perspective on this topic here!

Do you have a refund policy?

We do not. We’ve put our entire heart and soul into this program and we want to support you in it only if you are truly ready to show up fully, put in the work and commit to your growth. But, we cannot do this work for you. The nature of healing and personal growth is highly personal. We will be your guides but, only you can actually do it. For these reasons, and as a result of our own experience of investing in ourselves, we believe that offering a refund is providing an out. And we only want to work with women who are 100% committed. If not having an out is a problem, perhaps you’re not ready to fully commit, get weird, get vulnerable and grow. And that’s totally cool. We just might not be the right program for you.

I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m nervous.

No, this is not really a question, we know but, we get it. We were nervous too. But don’t be scared. This is going to so fun. You’ll only be required to show up, let go, stay open and do the work. We’ll be with you every step of the way and you’ll come out on the other side feeling confident in who you are and where you’re going. You’ll have a whole new relationship with your body and your life, which is so much more possible when you get the right support. We repeat: don’t be scared. All you’re doing here is investing in yourself.

intuitive eating coaching
If you want results you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.
If dieting, punishing exercise, counting calories, beating yourself up and putting yourself down were going to work, they would have worked by now. It’s time to try something new.
Join us and we’ll show you how to shift your mindset, optimize your self-care and uplevel your entire life so you can finally feel confident in your own skin, now and always.
If you’ve been struggling with food and your body for longer than you can remember, we really hope you’ll join us.
Life’s too short to spend it counting almonds and hating your body.
There’s a better way. And we’d love guide you through it.
We’re in your corner,

Dana & Bridget

P.S. The only step you need to take right now is to answer a few quick questions. We’ll take it from there.

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