Listening to Pings: Intuitive Hits to Help Guide You Through Life

Intuitive Hits

When I met my friend for happy hour at a bar on the Upper East Side after work one night, I was expecting the usual: drink a couple glasses of wine, complain about work, swap weekend stories. You know.

I certainly didn’t expect to end up discussing politics with a disarmingly charming firefighter a couple hours later, who was wearing a Red Sox hat (a rare sighting in New York City) and working on a masters in journalism.

We never exchanged phone numbers, something I regretted after leaving.

Fast forward about two weeks when I’m out with friends in the Lower East Side, trying to determine where to go next, when something came over me. I had what I can only describe as an urgent inclination to go to a very specific bar nearby. So, to the bar we went.

Imagine my delighted surprise when we walk in and the first person I see is the firefighter.

We dated for awhile after that, and it didn’t last in the end. But I remember thinking to myself while walking home that night man oh man, what a crazy, wonderful world.

My friends call this sort of thing a “PJ” now. Oh right, his name was PJ. And just like that, a name became an archetype. An all-purpose noun for any coincidental anecdote which explains walking into a bar and seeing the guy you wish you had exchanged numbers with, all because you had “a feeling”.

It wasn’t really a coincidence though. Nope, we in the biz refer to this as intuition.

Listening to my intuition would come to serve me time and time again. In a different relationship, one in which I was settling. In my career, prompting me to quit a draining job and finding a better one. And in my health, leading to a Lyme Disease diagnosis. It’s a work in progress, I’m always trying to strengthen it, especially in my career decisions and dating. 

You know what I’m referring to right? That feeling that comes to you, and shows up real strong? You might be eating breakfast or taking a walk, and all of a sudden: bam! A thought comes to you about work, maybe an idea for a project you’re not making progress on. Or an idea for a vacation you’d love to take.

I’ve been learning about intuition in Lacey Phillip’s Formula & Magnetism course on manifestation. She calls this thought wave a “ping”, but you may have heard a different term. Some say divine knowing, some say download, some say hit.

Whatever you want to call it, she suggests this is the Universe communicating to us, and we have to say yes.

By saying yes, we’re getting closer to whatever it is we’re manifesting, whatever it is we desire in life. This is the Universe giving us answers and pointing us in the right direction. And the more you honor your intuition, the stronger it gets, the more these pings show up.

Kinda cool, right? Once you start paying attention to these hits, you see that they’re creating a roadmap for us, guiding us to where we want to go.

Yes, friend. We’ve officially entered the vortex of woo woo at this point.

And now that we’re here, you might have a couple questions, like I did. The two prominent ones being:


  1. What’s the difference between an intuitive ping you should follow and an impulsive decision?


And I’m not positive on the answer, to be honest. But after chewing on it I think it has to do with considering whether it’s driven by intuition or ego. Intuition pulls, ego pushes. Asking “Does this feel expansive or contractive?” has helped me.

For example, I’ve been really lacking a sense of community for awhile since moving out of NYC, in terms of my business and lifestyle, and have been feeling like I could use a mentor. I’ve spent a lot of time researching different coaching options, joined a bunch of meet ups and Facebook groups, I’ve even questioned moving somewhere that didn’t have a huge entrepreneur community. None of it felt great.

The other day, a local coach popped into my head that I’d heard about before but kind of brushed off. Then I saw her come up multiple times in various spots over the course of a few weeks. Finally a ping hit me to go to her website and sign up just for a call, to see what her programs were all about. And after speaking with her team, not only did I feel like the mentorship was exactly what I looking for, but there was an in-person retreating coming up IN PORTSMOUTH in TWO WEEKS. It just felt good, and intuitively aligned. I joined within a few days and it’s already been amazing.

  1. What if the ping feels outrageous?

What happens if you get a ping to book a trip to France, even though you’re short on cash? Or call up an old friend you haven’t talked to in years, even though it feels awkward? In her program, Lacey recalls a woman who got a ping to travel to Greece even though it felt like a stretch financially. This woman started researching flights and set up an alert, and soon found a cheap flight and got in touch with a friend in Greece, who offered up his home for her to stay in while she was there.

Bottom line is, if it feels outrageous, it doesn’t mean you need to act on it immediately. It just means you need to start investigating and perhaps calling it in. Just know that you’re getting that ping for a reason.

How to start receiving pings

It can be as easy as letting them come to you, but I know that doesn’t sound so simple.

You can start by getting real quiet, maybe meditating, if that’s your thing. Ask the Universe what clues you’re missing: ask for a ping.

Then start paying attention to what comes up, relevant to whatever it is you’re trying to manifest or whatever’s on your mind. Start tuning in to your surroundings, listening deeply and being present in conversations. Journal on it. Any ping or intuitive idea that comes up could be guiding you in the right direction.

You might not get a crystal clear answer, but you might get a clue. And your best bet is to act on it – or at least investigate it.

Do you ever feel these intuitive pings? I’d love to hear about your experience in following them! Tell me below.

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