Here are a few places you can catch us around the ‘net! Learn more about who we are, and our mission to help women end binge eating and put the struggle with food and their bodies behind them. From Intuitive Eating and body image, to balancing our business with busy lives, we cover a lot of ground in these interviews and media features.

Bridget and Dana join Erin Holt on the Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast for a conversation about walking away from dieting, even what you’re scared, concrete ways to increase body confidence, rebuilding trust with our bodies and more. Tune in here!

Dana joins Annie Hopkins on The Postpartum Revolution Podcast to discuss the co-opting of “wellness”, the patriarchy and how we are culturally conditioned as children to self silence our intuition, and how all that shows up in full force during postpartum. Tune in here!

Bridget joins Jennie Loerch on the Think to Thrive Podcast to share how she shifted her health journey and body image from feeling frustrated, eratic, & sad, to peaceful, joyful, and neutral. Tune in here!

Bridget and Dana sit down with Lauren Andrews on the Let’s Get Stabby Podcast to discuss intuitive eating, and how women can move away from diet culture, body shaming, and negative thoughts and habits around food. Tune in here!

Bridget and Dana join Lisa Kenny on The Confident Mama Podcast to chat about why dieting doesn’t work, and how to ditch restrictive rules and instead learn to trust and be guided by intuitive cues around food. Tune in here!

Kimberly chats with Devyn Derksen on the Busy Girl’s Guide to Health Podcast about her personal story, how she overcame food and body image challenges, and why her children were a huge motivator for her to change her mindset and behaviors. Tune in here!

Dana chats with Sonnet Simmons Matthews and Veronica Morales Frieling on the Not Your Mother’s Podcast about how to release the diet obsession, how to start eating intuitively, and what work needs to be done to help pass healthy messaging to your children about body size, self-worth and deep acceptance. Tune in here!

Bridget joins Jen Mons on the Embodied Healing Self Podcast to talk about moving from body shame to body confidence, intuitive eating, and how to create a healthy mindset by ditching the diet mentality for good. Tune in here!

Dana and Bridget chat with Jenna Slaughter on the Unlearning Podcast all about the downfalls of diet culture, our personal journeys with body image, how disordered eating has become normalized, the impact of equating health and weight, and more. Tune in here!

Bridget chats with Jackie Kosoff on the Millennial Success Stories Podcast to explore work-life balance and the idea of finding harmony within oneself, and how to bring real wellness into life and business by living with intention and alignment. Tune in here!

Bridget and Dana join Ellyn Schinke on the Take Back Your Damn Life Podcast to chat all things diet culture and diet mentality, and how to recover from struggles with body image to take back our lives back through intuitive eating. Tune in here!

Bridget and Dana chat with Pamela Savino on the Live Authentically Today Podcast all about how to break free from diet culture, tangible tools for upgrading your body image, and how to begin tuning into your body’s cues and become an Intuitive Eater. Listen here!

Bridget and Dana join Kristina Santiago on the Exist Brightly Podcast to shine a light on the actual suffering behind dieting, the illusion of “acai bowl self care,” the power of mindset, and more. Tune in here!

Bridget and Dana chat with Lauren Laszczak on the Fearlessly You Podcast about the dangers of dieting, and what to do instead to embrace real wellness, build confidence and create a life you love, without waiting on the weight. Tune in here!

Bridget and Kimberly chat with Sabrina Orkies on the Thrive and Shine Wellness Podcast about their stories, how to heal your relationship with food, and emotional eating. Listen here!

Kimberly joins Katie Allen on the Self Love Ignited Podcast to chat about her story and overcoming challenges with food and body image, and all about how to make peace with both through Intuitive Eating. Tune in here!

Bridget and Kimberly chat with Marie-Pier Pitre-D’Iorio on the Balanced Dietitian Podcast, all about diet culture and the recovery journey, how to make peace with our bodies while honoring our health, and why body positivity is not the answer for negative body image. Listen here!

Bridget and Kimberly chat with Amanda and Kristen about healing the relationship that we have with our bodies, intuitive eating, ending generational diet obsession and much more! Tune in here.

Kimberly shares her story of struggling with body image and dieting with Kristina Campos on The Impactful Parent, and Dana joins to share how you can heal your own relationship with food to be able to support your children as well. Tune in here!

Bridget and Dana chat with Erin Skinner on the Empowered Nutrition Podcast, all about the difference between a ‘diet’ and diet culture, why dieting for weight loss is usually harmful in the long run, how to begin Intuitive Eating, and more. Listen here!

Dana and Bridget join Brandi and Dani on the Press for Champagne Podcast to discuss all things diet culture, the stigmas around women’s weight, and why we all need to stop talking about women’s bodies. Tune in here!

Dana and Bridget join Cara B. Drescher on The Hormonal Mama Podcast to discuss how women can bring more awareness to their relationship with food and feel good without dieting, and why support is key for being comfortable in our bodies. Tune in here!

Bridget and Dana chat with Stacy Kellogg on the Outgrow the Grind Podcast, about why diet culture is a grind, how to escape it, and why doing so can help you nurture yourself and your body if you’re struggling with food. Listen here!

Dana joins Paulette Kamenecka on the War Stories from the Womb Podcast to discuss the mental and emotional struggle that can come with the postpartum period, and how women can reach a more compassionate place with their bodies. Tune in here!

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