Clear Complexion Smoothie + a Painfully Obvious Skincare Secret

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The other day I dragged myself to the DMV to get a new license, which was approximately 93 days past the deadline for when I was legally required to, out of a combination of procrastination and DMV-induced fear. There are few things I hate more than waiting in lines of any form, and you can pretty much bank on lines at the DMV. That and TSA pre-check locations, if you don’t have an appointment. Word to the wise out of an agonizing personal experience: always make an appointment for TSA pre-check.

Anyway the long-winded reason I tell you this story is because I forgot to bring a book, so while waiting I decided to waste time scrolling through Instagram. In doing so I stumbled across an announcement for a workshop at the fitness studio I’ve been exercising at lately, all about the connection between nutrition and healthy skin.

As part of my recent somewhat desperate quest for human interaction, I signed myself up on the spot. I mean, who doesn’t want “Beauty Inside & Out” as the title of the workshop promised?

Hosted by an adorable Registered Dietician and Aesthetician sister duo, we learned all about the best foods to eat for a glowing complexion, ingredients to look for in beauty products, and a few lesser known skincare tips.

One tip in particular stood out to me, as it’s so simple but something I never do. The secret? Always wash your face within 20 minutes of exercising. That’s it!

This sounds painfully obvious. In fact, it’s not really new is it? We always hear about washing our faces after working out, but I’d never heard a specific time frame, and honestly never do it. I typically run errands or grocery shop after hitting the gym, and even if I head right home I usually make something to eat, check my email or roll around on the floor with Lucy for awhile. Sometimes if I didn’t sweat a ton, I just stay in my workout clothes all day and shower at night. Sorry if that’s gross?

How about you? Do you immediately wash your face after working out?

One solution could be carrying wipes (good option here) to use on the go, or simply washing with water or a gentle cleanser to remove the sweaty combo of dirt, oil and bacteria clinging to your skin. This is what clogs pores and affects the pH level.

Next pat dry with a towel (try not to wipe, this can apparently irritate the skin), and immediately apply a facial oil or light moisturizer, lest you want your skin to shrivel up like a raisin in the sun.

Another thing we learned about is how beneficial vitamin C is for your skin. This smoothie recipe packs it in:

Recipe: Clear Complexion Smoothie

Makes 2 servings


  1. 3 large carrots
  2. 1 large cucumber
  3. 2 oranges
  4. ½ medium frozen banana
  5. 5 oz coconut water
  6. A pinch of cinnamon
  7. Ice cubes


  1. Wash the fruits and vegetables and peel the carrots, oranges and bananas.
  2. Cut fruit into small chunks and combine them in your blender with ice, coconut water and cinnamon.
  3. Blend the smoothie until smooth, serve immediately and enjoy!

Any lesser-known (or maybe glaringly obvious) skincare tips you swear by? Share ‘em below!

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