My SweatStyle Review: Like StitchFix for your gym bag.


I’ve never been big into athleisure. I’ve just never really cared about what I wear working out. And although it’s tempting, now that I’m this weird stay-at-home/work-from-home mom hybrid, it’s important to me to not stay in leggings all day. I typically make myself shower and put on real clothes and makeup every day, even if no one but Baby Foster is going to see me.

My grandmother once told me that the best way to feel better is to take a shower, get dressed, put on some makeup and clean out a closet. And that’s really stuck with me.

But what I didn’t realize for a long time was that, just as a good outfit can boost your confidence at work, the same is true for fitness.

Getting back into shape post baby hasn’t been the easiest thing. I’ve still got a ways to go to reach my goals. But you know what wasn’t helping at all? Wearing the same worn out, uninspiring workout clothes I’d worn throughout my pregnancy.

I’d been putting off buying any new clothes for a while and realized that that was a mistake. Because, as Stacy London once said:

“Clothes are not a reward for doing a good job or losing 10 lbs. Clothes are a tool to get you where you want to be.”

I realized that part of enjoying the process of getting back into shape, meant not feeling like a frump monster whilst traipsing through the park with the stroller. It meant feeling good in my own skin while I do it. And it meant… it was time for some new workout clothes.

Enter: SweatStyle. It’s StitchFix for your workout clothes. 

A few years ago, a friend of ours and Co-Founder of Uplift Studios in New York, started a fitness clothing subscription box. I’d always meant to give it a whirl but, for one reason or another, never took the leap until now. I’ve been through two boxes so far and thought I’d share my experience.

What is SweatStyle?

SweatSyle is a recurring or on-demand fitness apparel subscription box.

How does it work?

  1. You go to and create an account.
  2. You choose all of your preferences, from what type of workouts you like to which colors you love and hate.
  3. Then you choose when you want to receive your box. The options are: on demand, every month, every other month or every three months.
  4. There is a charge of $20 which is used toward any purchase you choose to make.
  5. They send you a box specifically styled to your preferences.
  6. When you get the box, you have five days to try things on and decide.
  7. If you keep nothing, you send it all back and are only charged the $20 styling fee.
  8. If you keep anything, the $20 goes towards that purchase and you send the rest back.
  9. If you keep everything, you get a big discount.
  10. There is a pre-addressed envelope to put your returns in.
  11. You send what you don’t want back by dropping it in the mail.
  12. Easy.
  13. Peasy.

What did you think?

What I loved about SweatStyle was that I didn’t have to go searching around for workout gear. They just sent me a cute box of clothes.

My first box had a few leggings, tank tops and an adorable cowl neck sweatshirt. I wound up keeping two out of the six items. I loved them all but, I wanted to do another round and didn’t want to get carried away. The next box had some more cute leggings, a pair of shorts, tank tops and a really cute crop top. And I again, kept two of the six pieces, though I would have loved to keep most of them.

In the end, I got two full outfits which, for me, creates another five or six workout outfits when combined with what I already had. I now have a fresh, new altheisure wardrobe that lasts an entire week of workouts. And doesn’t leave me feeling so frumpy at the park. I loved most of what was in each box too. The leggings were especially awesome. 

I’d love to keep going but, my practical side realizes that I have enough workout clothes for now.

SweatStyle could be right for you if…

  • You love altheisure and pine for a next level, Kardashian-inspired closet.
  • You love working out and buy fitness clothes regularly.
  • You workout and buy fitness clothes even sporadically.
  • You like just hanging out in fitness clothes and you’d occasionally like to find some fun, new brands.

Basically, SweatStyle is for any woman who buys workout clothes. 

The best part, in my opinion, is that you can choose a box on demand. So any time you think you could use a little update, they can send you one. No commitment or spending required.

This is exactly what I’ll be doing from time to time going forward. Frumpiness be gone!

And though this post is not sponsored, and we’re not affiliated with them in anyway, we do have a discount code for you if you’d like to give SweatStyle a try yourself.

Use WellnessLately20 at checkout for 20% off your first box!

What about you? Have you tried SweatStyle? Or any wellness-type subscription box? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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