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healthy holiday gifts

Raise your hand if you’re a holiday season procrastinator?

Biiiig time over here.

I used to drive myself bonkers every December. My shopping list would slowly chip away at my sanity, and I’d spend hours trying to come up with the perfect gift for everyone in my life. There was one particular scene at Michael’s that involved a total meltdown while trying to locate the perfect twine required to complete my wrapping job. It was weird.

Somewhere along the way that changed, probably after the aforementioned incident if I had to guess. These days I make things as simple as possible, keep it real laid back.

I’ll spare us all the whole “consumption is not what the holidays are about” spiel. While yes it’s 100% true, we’ve heard it before. There’s something to be said about spending a shit-ton of money on gifts that eventually get tossed away or perhaps never even used.

But what’s equally bad, is the amount of time and energy we spend stressing ourselves out over gifts. The frantic shopping, the pressure to find the perfect gift, the mind space it all takes up. Oooof. Guess that’s why they call it the most wonderful stressful time of the year.

If you’re looking for a few fun gift ideas, here’s some inspo for ya. More than anything though, make it easy on yourself. Prioritize feeling how you want to feel this holiday season, and let that flow through in your gift giving. My guess is that you’re not shooting to look like a frazzled, strung-out hot mess express for the next month, so don’t let outrageous gift expectations get in the way.

healthy holiday giftsNew fave for the season: Daily Harvest Cookies

Super healthy cookies, super fast. We got our paws on a couple boxes to try, thanks to our generous pals at Daily Harvest – just in time for the holiday season.

Why we love ‘em: the ease! They show up at your doorstep ready-to-bake, so all you have to do is pop these puppies in the oven for 16-18 minutes.

Full disclosure: these are healthy cookies, and they taste like it. They’re not your Grandma’s sugar cookies with vanilla frosting. But they sure balance those ones out nicely.

healthy holiday giftsThere are three flavors: Chocolate Chia (my fave), Coconut Lemon, and Cacao Nib. They also have superfoods snuck into the dough like magnesium and reishi mushroom (hi holiday stress relief).

Confession: I like the dough more than the actual cookies. I’ve been eating it straight out of the freezer when I could use a lil snack. No regrets.

Throwing a holiday shindig? I cannot think of anything easier than tossing these in the oven and calling it a day in the dessert department.

Attending a holiday party? Bring a box for the host!

Order your cookies here.

Oh and hey, another great gift idea: a subscription to Daily Harvest! Get frozen smoothies, latte, chia parfaits, soups, harvest bowls and more delivered right to the doorstep. Perfect the busy ladies in your life who could use a hand with quick breakfast or lunch ideas. These things are life savors for packed schedules! Snag three free cups on us when you use the code wellnesslately at checkout!

healthy holiday gifts

Experiences > stuff

This is my favorite gifting policy of all time. We all have stuff piled up that we rarely use or gasp – never even opened. Instead of adding to the crazy consumption, find something people will enjoy experiencing, like tickets to a concert or game, a local class of some sort like pottery or painting or cooking classes, winery/brewery tours, or an online class. Coursehorse is fab for finding experiences in specific geographic locations, or events/classes, and Creative Live for the creatives in your life.


Depends on the audience, but these are generally a hit. Here are a few faves.

  • Dining In:  Of “The Cookie” fame. Beautiful, easy recipes and so well-written.
  • Simply Real Health: one of my go-tos. You can currently snag 20% off, plus 5% of all proceeds go to Food Lifeline when you use code K5X634QL at checkout. Each dollar donated covers approximately 5 meals for those in need, including fresh produce and veggies)
  • Salt Acid Fat Heat: That has also been turned into a Netflix show that I can’t stop watching.
  • Spirit Almanac: For someone who could use a little self-care (or your woo-woo friends, hi hello)
  • Homebody: For interior design junkies.
  • The Day Design Planner: who doesn’t love a good planner? This one is the best for the big dreamers and doers.
  • A journal: you didn’t think we’d actually do a gift guide without including one right?
  • Cherry Bombe Magazine subscription: a fun option for foodies


Depends on the audience, but these are generally a hit. Here are a few faves:There are so many amazing shops where I live so I try to stock up on goodies from those spots, but if the shopping scene isn’t similar in your neck of the woods, here are a few faves:

DIY Gifts

healthy holiday giftsBeen on a real kick lately in the DIY department. As it turns out, making things is often easier than it appears.

Do you have any fun gift ideas this year? Share ‘em below in the comments!

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