The Best Way to Establish an At-Home Yoga Practice

At-Home Yoga Practice

Ah. That elusive, at-home yoga practice…

In 2013, I did a yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida in NYC. It was amazing.

I’d just resigned my post alongside Bridget at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and decided that thirty days of non-stop yoga was exactly what I needed to reset my mind. I wanted to clear my head and to figure out my next move plus, who needs a paycheck anyway, amiright? Hahhahhaa.

(Just to be clear: I do. I need a paycheck.)

The training was an intensive, expansive, grueling, growth-filled month. I made new friends, I learned about all things yoga and I toned up my guns. And I spent a lot of warm, June evenings preparing for my final by teaching Bridget classes on my deck in Brooklyn, usually while Jackson watched.

Those evenings generally ended like this…

Ever since then, I’ve been trying to establish an at-home practice, because all of my teachers said that’s the only way to get a true, lifelong practice going.

If I want to be fantasy, old lady Dana, with flowing grey hair, doing yoga on a beach somewhere in full cashmere at 90 years old, I had better find a way to get my ass on a mat almost every day.

These days getting to any class regularly is just not a reality. But after two consecutive, Saturday morning, snot-crying mental breakdowns, I decided that I needed to get my self-care back in alignment post-baby a.k.a. I was desperately in need of some yoga. And then I remembered Yoga Studio. It’s the app that brings the yoga class to you.

What I love most about it is that I don’t have to think too much. I just roll out my mat, choose a class and press play. I can listen to the teachers voice just as I would in a classroom setting and take a peak for a visual now and again if I need to.

There are also a ton of classes to choose from varying in length, expertise level and focus. I honestly couldn’t love this app more. Since it’s been a while, I started with the 15 minute beginner combo class. But I’ve also been enjoying the sun salutations and core series as I’ve been told my lack of core muscles post baby is why my back has been tweaking here and there. 

If you’ve been looking to get your own at-home, daily yoga practice going, I highly recommend you check it out: Yoga Studio 

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