Want to Manifest something? You’re Probably Skipping this Step


The Universe doesn’t care what you want, it only responds to who you are becoming.

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

We’re heading back into the vortex of woo today, folks. Because like any, normal, work-from-home, suburban, New Jersey mom, I’ve been on a quantum physics kick of late. You know, pondering the idea that we’re literally made up of the very same shit as the moon and stars above. And that, since matter is mostly just vibrating potential energy, and we are technically matter ourselves, we as well, are just vibrating, potential energy.

I contemplate this while gazing out my office window, sitting Indian style in my white, Kundalini turban. (JK. I don’t have one of those. Yet.)

But for realz, I’m reading the book Bridget mentioned last week Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza and I’m 1000% into it.

It’s articulating something I’ve felt for a while but have had trouble nailing down in words. That being, the quote above: “The Universe doesn’t care what you want, it only responds to who you are becoming.” It’s also closely related to another idea that I’ve been really sinking into these days: the idea of embodying the archetype of who we want to be.

Let’s unpack them both, shall we? Because honestly, what the hell else do we have to do? (I know, I know 1.6 million other things. But come on, if you have time to take a quiz on what type of cheese you are, you have time to read about this.)

The Universe doesn’t care what you want, it only responds to who you are becoming.

We talk a lot about manifesting around here, the how and why to do it, and the fact that we’ve all been doing it, whether we realize it or not, every day of our entire lives, up to and including today.

Manifesting is just creating our reality as we go along. Here’s how it works:

  1. The beliefs that we hold drive our thoughts.
  2. Our thoughts drive our emotions.
  3. Our emotions drive our behaviors.
  4. Our behaviors create our habits.
  5. And our habits create our reality.

So if we can harness the power of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions, they will then drive better habits and recreate our reality as we see fit.

Simple right?

This book is about breaking the biggest habit that holds us back: the habit of being ourselves. So essentially, it’s about the ‘how to’ of creating a new reality from the inside out. You know, a light beach read.

A lot of times when people hear the term ‘manifesting’ they think of the film The Secret. They think of those poor, dumb, saps who think that they can just visualize themselves driving a Maserati and one will magically appear in their driveway. And yes, that is very much a load of bullshit.

You see, the thing that’s truly missing in a lot of discussion around manifestation is that the Universe could give a shit if you want a Maserati. It’s not going to start conspiring in your favor just because you think “Maserati, Maserati, Maserati” to yourself all day.

What it will respond to though, is you becoming the kind of person who thinks, feels and acts like they are truly abundant enough to have a Maserati. I repeat, thinks, feels and acts like they are living in true abundance.

There’s a big difference.

And that big difference – between the bullshit idea that you can just think your Maserati into existence, and the very real idea that you have control over whether or not you wind up owning a Maserati – is found in that ‘becoming the kind of person who thinks, feels and acts’ part.

Which leads me to my next idea…

We have to embody the archetype of the kind of person we want to be.

When we want something, the Universe is only going to help us get it if we become the kind of person who has it.

If we want a Maserati, we have to adopt the beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions of the kind of person who has one. Well, unless we want to just steal one, I guess. But, that’s no good because the Universe is also a big fan of doling out Karma and you won’t get to enjoy it anyway. But, I digress.

If we want a thriving business, we have to adopt the beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions of the kind of person who owns a thriving business.

If we want to lose weight, have more fun and feel confident in our own skin, we have to adopt the beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions of someone who takes impeccable care of themselves, has more fun and actively creates the life they want for themselves.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts here. Believe me, I’ve looked.

Speaking of shortcuts I’ve looked into… Ever notice that the people who are super successful at those MLM businesses are all very similar types of people doing very similar things? I was thinking about this the other day actually. There are people out there who take those opportunities and run with them. They make lots of money. They quit their jobs. They snap photos of themselves on the company bonus sales cruise winner trip thingies. And they all have one thing in common. They either were, or have become, the kind of person who is successful at an MLM. And the annoying thing for the rest of us is that we all would secretly love to make a bunch of money, work less and get to go on vacation as a reward for doing both. But, most of us are simply unwilling to become the kind of person who is successful at an MLM. This is a great example of embodying an archetype. 

So lemme toss this Q your way: what’s your version of the Maserati? What do you want so badly in life that you wish you could manifest? Is it a more fulfilling career? An awesome relationship? More travel or money? Chiseled, six-pack abs? A bigger, brighter apartment with lots of houseplants that you don’t wind up murdering?

Think about the type of person who has that, and imagine what they’re believing, thinking, feeling and doing that you’re not. And then think of one tiny step that might pull you a little closer to being that kind of person.

For me lately, it’s been getting back in shape so I stop hurting my back, and building this business even bigger. And what I’ve realized is that if I want both of those things, I have to become the type of woman who has them.

So I’ve started getting up earlier to focus and work. Meditating and journaling and working on my self-talk. I made Joel join a Crossfit gym with me. I hired a wellness coach of my own. And Bridget and I invested in the type of business coaching and mentorship that business owners at the next level have in their lives.

Trust me, I didn’t feel like doing any of it. Or spending the money on it for that matter. But, it’s already working.

I’m moving toward fully embodying the archetype of the person I want to be, in order to have the things I want. I’ve been shifting my beliefs, thoughts, feeling and actions, on a daily basis, to turn myself into that kind of person. It’s messy and nonlinear, but, that’s what growth is.

So, your turn. Here comes the Qs….Who are you becoming? Do you have an intention behind what you’re doing every day? What archetype do you need to step into? What do you want to manifest?

Because, remember, you’re already manifesting something, whether you realize it or not. So you might as well manifest some stuff you really want, right? Let me know in the comments below!


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