What a week! We’re back in the swing of things around here, which means Weekend Reads are back. It also means I currently have 17 internet tabs open trying to narrow down articles over the past few days, and an assortment of mugs and mason jars on my desk that once held a beverage of some kind.

First things first, let me reiterate that we can’t thank you enough for all the supportive emails, texts and messages from readers. Releasing something new into the world can be petrifying, so it’s been a relief joy to see it well-received. We’re really jazzed to get back to doing what we love, and hope you’re ready for an exciting new ride.

Hey by the way, we’d love your initial feedback and put together a quick little survey. We’re giving away a $50 giftcard to SweatStyle to upgrade your ~athleisure~ to one random participant, so all you have to do for a chance to win is fill it out!

Okay, back to those articles. Here’s what caught our eye this week in wellness!

The case for a junk food tax in America? Maybe, maybe not. The obesity epidemic in America is not exactly news, but how to handle it remains unclear. This is a really loaded issue, and this Vox article explores the results in Mexico and Hungary – the only countries to have implemented a tax on junk food – as well as the potential impact in America’s current political landscape.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may be aware of my Wait But Why obsession. So when the notification of their first new post in a really long time popped into my inbox this morning, you better believe I dropped everything to read it. No surprise that how to pick a career (that actually fits you) is reliably delightful as every other post.

Speaking of careers (and life in general), this post from alchemy108 on Instagram sparked something in Dana and then in me too. What a refreshing reminder right? “You are very much on time.” God I love that.

Five words that changed everything on Cup of Jo articulates an idea I’ve been wrapping my head around over the past few weeks. Five words to employ especially if you’re dating, with the whole trying to distill the best parts of yourself in an impressive internet soundbite thing. But in many other instances too: “cool is an emotional straightjacket.”

And finally, travel is no cure for the mind from More To That takes a look at travel as a means to escaping reality, as opposed to expanding what we know about the world, and the significant difference between the two. I for one, am intimately familiar with the notion of hopping on a plane to ditch whatever my current reality looks like, expecting answers wherever I land. This is a good reminder that life doesn’t work that way.

That’s all I got for ya. T-minus 10 minutes to happy hour over here, so sending you a virtual wine glass clink wherever you are. Happy Weekend!

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