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Hey, hi! Finally feels like Spring around here huh? I spent the week moving (yet again because this is my favorite pastime) and settling into a new apartment. Took a break from organizing spices and contemplating new spots for all my plant babies to give you the lowdown on what we’ve been reading this week. Anything to procrastinate on calling my internet company to transfer services, you know?

First up: love us some Ryan Holiday (#stoicism4lyfe), and this list of 42 books that will make you a better person, each of which is described in one sentence is like the cliff notes of our dreams. Lots of personal faves here including War of Art and Essentialism.

Ummmm in what world could I stumble upon an article titled How to Be Kind to Yourself And not include it? All sappiness aside, this one holds some weight. We can probably all agree that we tend to think we have to earn self-compassion, right? Which is a whole lotta BS if you really think about it.

Have you guys seen I Feel Pretty? I have not, but certainly plan to after reading about it. Lots of chatter on the ole interwebs, lots of chatter. Not to get all analytical (okay kinda), but this one had me nodding my head the whole time. It’s all a little exhausting though, isn’t it? Wondering which side of the body image debate to be on?

CBD oil has been on our radar for quite some time, and we’re just dippin’ our toes in. This introductory overview from Nutrition Stripped is a great place to start, if you’re interested in learning more. Have you tried it? Tell us below, we’re looking for ideas!

Loved Sarah’s nighttime routine rundown over on Simply Real Health. I’ve been experimenting with fl.ux myself and all I can tell you that as I write this at 10:22 pm my screen is literally neon yellow ( the “sunset”) and I can barely see anything. Sign to go to bed? Can’t wait to give these other ideas a test drive though.

Man Repeller explored what happens when healthy habits become unhealthy addictions and it’s pure gold. Particularly the point that perfection, in any capacity, is impossible, and yet we often develop habits out of attempt to reach it. Just gonna type this out word for word because I can’t really summarize it better than this:

“The concern occurs when the habit is driven not by the benefit of the reward but rather by negative (and seemingly unconscious) emotional or biological cues: biting your nails when you’re stressed, say, or compulsively Facebook stalking your ex after a bad date. The brain, that magical animal, isn’t smart enough to distinguish between a good reward and a bad one; it is also vulnerable to dopamine-stimulating substances like alcohol and drugs that mimic biologically occurring “feel-good” hormones.”

Oof, yeah. This is something we all need to be talking about more. My brain prompts me with negative cues out of habit all the time. It’s somewhat enlightening to realize our brains may not know the difference between positive and negative cues. I’ve been chewing on habits a lot lately, so stay tuned for a big ole post about them soon.

Okay back to unpacking boxes. Happy weekend my friends. May it be filled with floral patterns and maybe a picnic or something? Idk, here’s hoping.

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