Hey gang, happy weekend.

Dusting off my springy-ish heels (finally!) and making my way to Connecticut for a family bridal shower tomorrow. Wedding season snuck up on us huh? Here’s a roundup of the articles we’ve been utilizing as procrastination mechanisms all week which *could* be why I’m currently writing this at 7 pm on Friday?

If you, too, are in need of a few good books this season, right this way to 7 of the best new books for spring on Cup of Jo. I’m particularly excited about Look Alive Out There and Girls Burn Brighter.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been researching a number of things that fall under the “spirituality” umbrella (crystals, astrology, etc. Yeah. Get ready for that.), but The Rise of Spirituality in a Skeptic World from Man Repeller caught my attention. I’m going to leave you with one line that I think sums it up best to be completely honest: “God isn’t for me, but also, I can’t make it to happy hour because I have to recharge my obsidian after work.”

Ooooo wee I loved this one in the NY Times Sunday Review. In I Want to Be Rich and I’m Not Sorry, Jessica Knoll (amazing novelist, btw) makes no apologies for desiring success, something she’s worked hard for, while also pointing out that “Rich” is still a man’s word. Like what I believe many women do, she wrestles with societal expectations, versus what she expects of herself. It’s a complex, highly relevant topic and she tackles it beautifully.

I watched this documentary on Netflix about the ketogenic diet last night, mostly because it’s starring Pete Evans, who may I say is one tall glass of Australian water. Other than that, it makes a real case for keto, particularly in terms of chronic disease, autism and common health issues. Worth a watch this weekend.

The rosemary dressing with tahini and garlic paired with this cleansing slaw from Minimalist Baker sounds dreamy. Next week’s plans definitely involve making a big ole bottle to use all week long.

That’s a wrap! Hope it’s a good one.

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  • Colleen Kaplan says:

    Hey Bridget- in the rosemary dressing recipe, what are “coconut aminos” and where would I find them?

    • Bridget says:

      Hi Aunt Colleen! It’s a condiment – made from coconut tree sap and sea salt (adds umami flavor to a recipe). You could find at Whole Foods or another health food store, or possibly in the Asian cooking section at a regular grocery store too, or online. It’s often used as a substitute for soy sauce or Tamari (it’s sweeter but much less sodium and it’s soy/gluten free). You could definitely use soy sauce or tamari instead if you have that on hand!

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