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Hello from a snug pleather seat on the bus to Logan International Airport! I’m enroute to Charleston this weekend and despite my attempt to wrap up the week before leaving so I didn’t have to cart my laptop around, here we are. I also forgot my bus tickets and my passport (hallelujah it’s domestic) so things are off to a good start. What do you expect from me at 5:45 am?

Anyway here’s what we’ve been getting into this week, should you find yourself looking for some internet-induced inspo:

The puzzle of beauty on Aeon is a commitment but worth it. It’s a, well, beautiful, investigation into the mysterious criteria by which we deem artworks, objects, even ideas, beautiful.

A look at healing crystals and where they’re sourced from¬†on The Cut peaked my interest, as I’m currently “researching” crystals at the moment for this here website. By research I mean I ordered a bunch of rocks on the internet and placed them in a pretty bowl on my nightstand. TBD on the healing.

Okay bear with me on this one. What it takes to think deeply about complex problems is perhaps intended for company leaders and business owners (it is the Harvard Business Review, after all), but I think there’s some real gold here. More than anything, on altering our perspectives when faced with any type of challenge, and that may very well be in the personal realm.

Speaking of challenges, making new friends as an adult has got to be one of the toughest ones don’t you think? This easy idea on Cup of Jo sounds super fun! I’ve got a pile of cookbooks to work through, and what better way to test out some new recipes?

And finally, this farmers market pizza on Love and Lemons looks, oh I don’t know, PERFECT for warm weather gatherings. Asparagus ribbons, how pretty? My local farmers market just returned for the season the other week and with it, my favorite Saturday morning activity.

Okay gotta get ready to board this big silver bird. Happy weekend friends, have a great one!


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