Hey gang. Friday snuck up on us this week huh? The month of June, too. Can you believe it?

I’m looking forward to catching up on work and eating some tacos this weekend. The usual. Up to you if that makes my “usual” weekend boring or aweomse. Maybe I’ll get crazy and buy some new plants.

If you fancy yourself a few minutes of downtime to peruse random articles on the internet this weekend, here’s what caught our eye.

I always appreciate The Cut’s practice of responding to criticism in a bold yet eloquent way. Example A: the recent editor’s letter, skinny privilege and who deserves fashion. Regardless of the backstory or context of the original article, Stella Bugbee makes the case for wearing whatever you want, while acknowledging how alienating fashion can be when it comes to size.

Why each Myers Briggs personality type is mad at you on The Observer gave me an amused chuckle. I’m a (sappy) INFP, which means I’m probably mad because I sent you my absolute favorite song and you didn’t immediately fall in love with it and use it as a window to my soul the way you were supposed to. I imagine this is highly accurate, because I always think I’d like someone to listen to me talk about how much I love Jane Austin novels, internally store that info, then use it when he stumbles across a vintage copy of Pride and Prejudice that reminds him of me. Then again my head is in the clouds the majority of the time and whoever I end up with will probably just get me a snow globe for Christmas.

When I see a sub header that says “you probably do not understand yourself as well as you think you do” there’s really no question about it – definitely not skipping this one. My favorite part of 10 things you didn’t know about yourself on Scientific American is point number 10: If you think of yourself as flexible, you will do much better. The takeaway: If we view a characteristic as mutable, we are inclined to work on it more. On the other hand, if we view a trait such as IQ or willpower as largely unchangeable and inherent, we will do little to improve it.

Nothing comes before my mental health: 5 lessons I learned from treatment on Man Repeller is worth a read, not just for the perspective but also for understanding that these thoughts, feelings and experiences are not unique.

And uh, just to confirm this isn’t a blog dedicated to psychological musings, here’s something I bookmarked: 7 summer grill recipes that get extra creative from Greatist. I’ve been really digging my grill lately, which is not a sentence I ever thought I’d say to be honest. Maple Sriracha grilled pork chops? Hubba hubba.

Hope you’re getting into something fun this weekend. Catch ya on the flip!

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