Heyo happy weekend! How’s it hanging?

Lots of good stuff floating around this week, let’s hop to it.

I’m a bit weary of an article that leads with “read this story and get happier“. But a look inside Yale’s popular positive psychology course by The Cut is worth the read. As the course’s creator points out, before we get happiness right, we have to understand why we typically get it so wrong and this is a good digest of why. By the way, there’s a free version of The Science of Wellbeing available on Coursera which sounds like a pretty good Friday night plan if you ask me.

Man the Internet is killing it with opening sentences this week. Here’s another one: “It’s a common thing to be frequently annoyed by other people.” From Zen Habits of all places! Get a few lines in though, and you stumble on some solid advice about dealing with difficult people and situations. It’s all about reframing your mind: “…with one simple shift, you can be happy with any person. But if you try to change every other person, you’re just going to be miserable.” May put that one to a test at the family BBQ this weekend can I get an amen?

Digging this career profile on The Everygirl, which highlights Necole Kane of xoNecole. While it’s often messy and never perfect, starting over is truly an art and this interview taps into the importance of following your gut in doing so. As Necole points out, “We fail nine times and win on the tenth. It’s about getting knocked down and getting back up.”

I worry that my inclusion of exclusively Minimalist Baker recipes in this weekly roundup is getting repetitive. I’m sorry about that, they’re just so good. I’m a blog loyalist what can I say? I gotta get my paws on these cheesy chili baked potato fries, ideally as soon as possible.

I spent hours reading memes instead of writing this post today, thanks to my new favorite thing on the Internet: the @notallgeminis Instagram account. Why do we loooove reading astrologically determined shit about ourselves? Don’t know, don’t care but astrology memes > all other types of memes.

Hokay, that’s a wrap. It’s due time for happy hour around these parts and I’ve got a date with FitVine Wine. Hopefully I’ll be “crushing life” in no time. Not sure how many Dads we’ve got reading weekly Wellness Lately rundowns, I can’t imagine many. But if you are out there reading, Happy Father’s Day weekend! Cheers to all the Dads, Dad figures and everyone who’s ever provided power tool/tax/general life advice to someone who needed it.

Have a good one friends!

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