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Hi! What’dya got going on this weekend? Celebrating PRIDE? Beach trip? Sleeping in?

A CBD cocktail, perhaps? Seems to me like that could be combined with any of the aforementioned potential plans. You are familiar with the current CBD oil craze, aren’t you?

I read a plethora of stuff on the Internet this morning about social media use while doing research for an article I’m writing (and not at all to procrastinate, because I don’t have any experience with that). How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness from The Economist stuck with me, because my god these statistics are horrifying.

On a related note, Wellness Instagram is Actually Bringing me Down on Self echoes a sentiment I think we all feel in this craAaAazy world o wellness, yes? I know I’ve definitely muttered “shut up” when I scroll past a post on Instagram about the “transformational journey” that occurred between  pant size 8 and pant size 4. As silver linings go, there are some accounts out there doing a bang-up job at keeping it real.

Do you ever tire of me talking about commencement speeches? It’s starting to dawn on me that I reference them a lot in this series, despite it not being commencement speech season anymore (though maybe high school commencement speeches are a thing now?). Anyway Debbie Millman’s on failing safely is one of my faves which is why I very much enjoyed this reproduction of the topic on Brain Pickings. It’s also a fun treat for the eyes, though I did have to put my glasses on to read it just FYI.

Another item to add to your weekend agenda might be calling your senator regarding the heart-breaking family separation at the border, should you feel compelled. Politics aside, NPR has a helpful summary about what’s been happening if you’re not informed.

Yikes, sorry if this one brought us all down a little with those last few. I knew the CBD cocktails would come in handy. Hope the weekend brings you a bit more joy, whatever you’ve got going on.

Until next week!

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