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Hey party people, happy weekend!

Despite a rough Monday post vaca-week, it’s been a gawgeous one here in the Northeast. Weekend’s looking just a nice so fingers crossed. I’m looking forward to catching up on work, seeing friends and binging my latest library book, The Wife Between Us. May or may not have stayed up til 1 am reading the first half last night.

What’s popping for you, anything good? If you have a few minutes of down time, or perhaps a car ride to the beach, here are a few random articles from around the web you may enjoy getting into:

Motivated but Purposeless? You May Be Caught in Ambition Limbo. ‘Ambition limbo’ is a term I am intimately familiar with, but have never been able to label. I assume that’s the case for many of us, at least many of my friends. Certainly all my coworkers at a past job. This article from The Observer makes the case that the pursuit of success without consideration a happiness trap, and explains how to avoid it.

While we’re talking careers, this guide to the art of negotiation from was helpful. Should you have a potential job offer or annual review coming up, I’d give this a spin beforehand. Us ladies sometimes have a hard time with this concept (hand raised over here), so the more knowledge to empower ourselves the better, eh?

Definitely just added this nonprofit bookshop/apartment rental in Scotland to my bucket list, though looks like I’m going to have to wait until 2021. Once you move in, you’re handed the keys and cash box and the shop is yours to run as you see fit. You can reshelve or redecorate as long as you tend to customers. Dying!!!

Loved this one from Darius Foroux about how to manage your mood. As he points out, we all assume that our mood is influenced by outside factors, things that can’t control. But there is a way to manage it, no matter what kind of events/people/circumstances pop up to ruin the day. This is a good explanation of how to shift things.

And finally, 5 easy chicken marinades from Gimme Some Oven, because you KNOW how much I’m into grilling these days.

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