Hey, hi. Hope you had a great week. I just got home from a few days up in Montreal visiting a friend. What a fab place! It was my first time there, and if you haven’t been I’d highly recommend. So many cute little shops to browse, great restaurants (with even better design inspo), and super bike friendly which was a fun way to take in the city.

Here’s what caught our eye around the ole webs this week.

Have you ever taken the Enneagram Personality Test? I heard about it on a podcast the other day for the first time, which is shocking since I’m a major personality marker nerd, and gave it a whirl. Turns out I’m a 7, which I don’t know much about other than the quick summary I read. Probably gonna obsess over that and read a million articles about what it means after this. Hit me up in the comments if you want to discuss?

Speaking of podcasts, I listened to this episode of Almost 30 on my drive today with professor and author Loretta Breuning, PhD about the psychology of happiness and how our brains are wired. Interesting stuff, if you’re into the science behind why we feel happy (and how to deal when things aren’t going so swell).

JOMO, as described in this one from NY Times might just be my favorite new term. “JOMO, is not a misspelling of “mojo” but, rather, stands for “joy of missing out.” The antithesis of FOMO (fear of missing out), JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out and being O.K. just where you are.” Hell. Yes.

Loved this piece from Darling on the six travel goals every woman needs to make. I enjoyed the message, that travel is not about where you “should” go, but rather exploring where and how you can. The location isn’t important, it’s about starting.

This, this, this! Couldn’t agree more with Drift’s Instagram post about the clusterfuck that happens on the Internet when Nordstrom has a sale (though, she articulated it much more eloquently). I get that bloggers are doing their jobs and making money by promoting their picks but my god. Between that and Amazon Prime day, it was all a little much.

That’s all I’ve got for ya today. Looking forward to catching up on some work, reading a new book (Little Fires Everywhere) and, let’s be honest, probably plant shopping. Hope you have a good one friends!

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