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Hi hello, happy Friday. Hope the week has been real good to you!

I’m feeling jazzed about heading to Connecticut tomorrow to catch up with my gal pals. Is there anything better in this world? How about you, any fun plans in store over there?

If you get a minute to chill over coffee (maybe pancakes?), here’s what we’ve been getting into this week:

Did you see the Refinery29 Money Diary that went viral… something about a 21-year-old college student living in New York who gets a big stipend from her parents yada yada. The reason it went viral is because of the resulting shit storm in the comments section. People, apparently, did not hold back the harsh judgment. What was much more interesting in my opinion, was the response from Refinery29, as well this commentary from The New Yorker. Among the questions raised were: When are women allowed to celebrate their wealth? Is it sexist the way we criticize women for their spending habits? Or when they accept help from family? And why is talking about money so awkward? All stuff to chomp on.

On a lighter note, I loved underestimating the power of a thank you letter. The British Psychological Society reported a study that surveyed recipients of this type of gratitude and found some interesting (and uplifting!) stuff. When’s the last time you sent a hand-written thank you note? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Should we make a pact right here right now to send ’em more often?

Have you ever taken inventory of how you use all 168 hours in the week? It’s a great idea from this post on Creative Live about how to find more time for your side projects. There are a bunch of actionable tips there too, about how to take back time that is rightfully yours and make room for what matters to you.

I (obviously) dug Episode 72 of Georgie Morley’s Chasing Joy Podcast with Maria Failla all about taking care of your houseplants! If you’re just getting started with plants (or if you ahem, keep buying and killing them) give it a listen because there are some great tips here that I had never heard before.

And finally, this minimalist barbecue sauce from Smitten Kitchen looks like a dream, both in terms of the simplicity and taste. You know we love us some grillin’ around here.

That’s a wrap. Have a great weekend gang!

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