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How was the week? Can you believe it’s August now or what? Next month is September, which kicks off back to school season, which is practically fall. It may as well be 2019. Happy new Year!!!!

Sorry, I’m on my second glass of wine.

And I’m about to make some breakfast tacos for – curveball – dinner. Thankyouverymuch for this masterpiece of a list, Greatist. Got my eye on numero cuatro.

Speaking of stuff I’m really into at the moment, I’ve been binging all these manifestation and consciousness videos from Lacey Phillips on Free + Native. It’s an approach different than any other I’ve read about and I love, love, love the practicality of her process. If you’re interested in learning more about manifestation, check ’em out.

This one on ManRepeller: I Love New York, Which is Why I Had to Leave, most certainly resonated. This, in particular: “I was tired — a strange and lonely way to feel in a place so electrically charged…” Leaving New York is still a decision I weigh sometimes, as if I didn’t actually make it already. (If you made the same move, do you ever feel this way?) It’s comforting to read insight into how others process it.

What is it about neatly compiled life advice lists that we lap right up? Numbers 1, 16, and 20 stood out to me on this one – 25 Secrets of Adulthood that I’ve Learned the Hard Way – from Gretchen Rubin.

And while we’re dwelling in life advice category, this summary of what 90-somethings regret the most is a sobering reminder to try to fully appreciate life now – not at any specific age or circumstance – and also to drop some fears around growing old.

On that note: off to enjoy the weekend! Cheers to living in the now, my friends.

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