Weekend Reads: 4th of July Week Edition


Over here in the U.S. it’s been a strange week. And I don’t mean anything going on on Twitter. I mean logistically.

Half of us were probably OOO Monday and Tuesday and the other half onThursday and Friday. Some sad souls might have spent all four days on either side of America’s birthday in a sad, cold, half-empty office.

Bridget and I feel like we all should have just shut down from last Friday until this upcoming Monday but, that’s neither here nor there. We decided to take off this week ourselves, well, from this site anyway, aside from this here 4th of July Edition of Weekend Reads.

We’ll be back with fresh, new content on Monday. Until then, please enjoy this roundup of randomness I found intriguing on the internet this week.

  • Probiotics may be good for your bones! Yay! Looks like some old ladies took them in a study and basically halved their bone density reduction over a year. Damn. The researchers don’t know why this happened yet but, my totally unqualified hunch is that perhaps the probiotics aided in the absorption of nutrients, especially calcium. We’ll just have to wait and see what follow up studies show though. We know, you’ll wait with breath that is bated.
  • Our friend Katie over at The Reset Ritual (which you 100% need to check out if you’re interested in any way, shape or form, in traveling) shares 7 completely adorable and fun to say words that rival Hygge in its quest to evoke lovely feelings. Seriously, we’re kind of obsessed with these words and agree with Katie that we all might wanna try to live our lives by them.
  • We (Joel and I) went to Lake George for a long weekend and the amount of shit we had to bring to support the comfortable travel of our gigantic baby was unreal. It reminded me of the blissful time we spent 17 days in Europe with nothing but two small backpacks. Man, I did a bang up job of packing for that trip. Sigh. But ever since, my packing skills have declined steadily into a steaming, hot mess. And now with this baby, it seems all bets are off. Amelia at Man Repeller made me feel a little better by providing me with the term “responsible inclusionist” with which to identify but, honestly, I need to get my shit together. This list of packing tips from Man Repeller ought to help.
  • If you’re anything like me, especially here in the U.S. you probably feel the world is a steaming dumpster fire. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the suck going on, read this article (albeit from April) on why the world isn’t necessarily as bad as we think it is. It reminded me of Rational Optimist and It made me feel better. And before you call me a Pollyanna, the author does acknowledge that there are alarming trends happening all over the globe too.
  • On a lighter note, ever since Joel and I stumbled onto pre-made balsamic glaze, combined it with goat cheese and put it on, well, everything, I’ve been thinking about becoming a better cook. I was searching for a list of classic cookbooks to start working my way through and found this delightful one from Eater.
  • And finally, Bridget and I have both had sleep on the mind recently, she’s even working on a post about optimizing it. I sent her this little number last night that has some seriously helpful tips from neuroscience. Happy snoozing.

Have a lovely rest of your week!

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